Taking it a bit further.

I recently renewed my membership in the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) and attended the National Teaching Institue and Critical Care Exposition in Washington DC.  What an experience!  So many inspiring and brillant nurses!  One of the reasons to attend this convention is to earn the requisite continuing education credits to renew your nursing license as per your state BON.  See your state’s requirements here:  http://nursing-exams.ca/CE/requirements.html).  In exploring the AACN web site to retrieve my credits from NTI, I discovered that many of their online CE learning library credits are free to nonmembers as well as members, so take advange of this if you are a nurse working towards license renewal or if you are a nursing student and feel like taking your learning a bit further!   This link will take you directly to the AACN CE library: http://www.aacn.org/DM/CETests/CELibrary.aspx?menu=CETests&lastmenu=.  And, by the way, I highly recommend membership in AACN or the nursing association related to your specialty or the specialty you hope to go into.

To give you an example of the energy and inspiration present at the national convention for the American Association of Crital Care Nurses, here is a link to the opening session, the president’s address:  http://www.aacn.org/DM/CETests/Overview.aspx?TestID=672&mid=2864&ItemID=665  You can get CE credits for this too!


6 thoughts on “Taking it a bit further.”

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